We built a software that handles repetitive business processes using software robots with the RPA Methodology

What are the benefits?

Increase productivity by removing repetitive tasks . Implementing our solutions has proven major costs savings to customers reservations department. Automating the manual processes significantly reduce manual human errors. Improve compliance by maintaining reduced private data integrity exposure

Extensive Features

Apart from our own experiences as travel operators and hoteliers , we received many feedback and with extensive research and developments , our product is packed with many features while keeping the customer experience simple to manage

Return on Investments

Our customers have reduced their reservations department operational expenses by 65% annually by implementing PAR solutions to their business

Why PAR?

Take advantage of the technology tools that are available in the market .Yugen combines those latest tools to simplify your business process and reduces pain points. Apart from our own developed solutions, we have integrated with global solution service providers to offer you a one stop solution to facilitate your business requirements and improved customer experience